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I was born in Colorado some number of years ago, and immediately leapt to work on my first story. I did not venture into self-publishing until 2006, however, when I formed Nighthawk/Raven Publishing to publish my first book, Blood Cult: Book I of the Elvestran Chronicles. I have since published the sequel, Daígu, a companion Dictionary, and am working on the third in the series which will be titled The Desert Wanderer. In the last two years I have published my first murder mystery, When Demons Dance, and an apocolyptic fiction book titled The Long JourneyI am a signatory member of the Green Press Initiative.

I am often asked why I am not on social media. The truth is that I did try it for about a year, despite not being a fan of social media to begin with, and I found that it just took far too much of my time that was better spent elsewhere. In the end, there is just no replacement for actual human conversation.



Seeing what an author reads is a window into their psyche. Not sure what that says about me! 

I have two major categories of books I purchase; fiction that I know for a fact I will read again in the future (and again and again...) and nonfiction that teaches me something I feel is important to know. You may notice my nonfiction tastes fall into several definitive categories, and my fiction authors are a short list. This doesn't mean I don't read those authors or categories that fall outside of what you see here; just that something (or someone) has to truly resonate with me in order for me to justify to myself spending the money to own the book.

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