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I am currently self-publishing through Createspace, which is part of Amazon. However, Amazon recently got rid of the Createspace direct purchase store, which means that my readers can only buy through the regular Amazon site. Unfortunately, this means higher prices for you and lower royalties for me. Because of this I am on the search for a new direct publishing company. The search is ongoing but if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know through my "Contact Me" page. Until then, I will only be available through Amazon.

Thank you for visiting, thank you for purchasing, and I look forward to hearing what you think!

When Demons Dance

"Immensely gripping....a story that couples dark spirituality with self-awareness....5 out of 5 stars!"    - San Francisco Book Review

The book readers are calling "addictive" and "utterly fascinating."

Olivia St. George could write the book on survival: childhood spent in an orphanage, youngest years nothing but a blank absence in her mind; her adulthood spent getting past an abusive husband and her own struggles with alcoholism and despair. But when the discovery of a dead woman in a frozen ditch begins to draw her into the dark world of demonic madness, she will find herself fighting for much more than just survival. She'll have to fight for her very soul.

Blood Cult
Book I of the Elvestran Chronicles


'Blood Cult' is the first of the thrilling Chronicles of the Elvestra series. Set in 19th century England, 'Blood Cult' is an exciting, adventurous tale about a conflict brewing between two ancient races, the Elvestra and the Daigu. Two brash young Elvestrans are attempting to bring forth a nearly extinct subrace known as the Blood Cult, a fierce, bloodthirsty people known for slaughtering and drinking the blood of innocents. Standing in opposition are only one half-breed and one small Daigu, and they will need every advantage if they are to win this battle. 


This 2013 edition includes illustrations by Warren Muzak.

Book II of the Elvestran Chronicles

Two hundred years after facing down the deadly, power-hungry Blood Cult, Elvestran half-breed Lilim Aubergain believes she finally has life figured out. She has the respect and trust of the Elvestran's most esteemed leader, a successful medical practice, and even a new budding romance. But trouble is brewing far to the west, and once again Lilim will have to go up against the only Mage as powerful as she; her own sister, Lamía. Long since banished across the ocean, Lamía is no longer content to hide away in the tree-top city of Elvhíí Ysla and nurse her anger. She has harnessed the power of the most feared Wizard ever known and is coming out of the shadows with a vengeance. Her first target; the Elvestran's tiny underground cousins, the Daígu. 

The Long Journey
Award Winner, 2014 2nd Place Best Fiction (Reader's Addiction Book Tours)

Join the Seeker Khadija and her Seeker-Partner, the Gen-a-wolf Ula, as they track a thief into the dangerous Highlands that border the White River. They are to take the thief back west, to the prison of Valley City - the last city on the continent and the sole remaining vestige of civilization. Valley City was built by the head of the North American Corporation just before a series of short and brutal wars that marked final global economic and environmental collapse; what is now referred to as The End.
Khadija and Ula live in a world where electricity and technology exist only in stories from the old days, and the leaders of Valley City are descended from the wisest of the Before People. But they are about to discover that everything they've been taught, and everything they think they know about the world around them, is not quite as it seems.

Watch the book trailer here!

Dear Mr. Nowhere

Short Graphic Novel

Originally available only at the 2016 Atlanta Walker Stalker Convention, this short graphic novel is finally available to all readers! Join The Man as he fights for survival in a world filled with flesh-eating zombies. Thinking he is the last survivor, he encounters The Girl and has to make a terrible choice. Not your typical zombie story!

Hey, I wrote a book! What do I do now?

A Writer's Guide to Self-Publishing

A Writer's Guide to Self-Publishing is the first How-To on self-publishing written for all writers. Full of step-by-step instructions, tips, hint, worksheets, and more, A Writer's Guide is the ultimate How-To on self-publishing.

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