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When Demons Dance

Captivating Storyline and Expressive Writing! (Michelle Barrett, January 2016)

This was a clear departure from my normal genre of non-fiction, leadership/self-improvement books. But Cara's writing style captured me right away and I was drawn into the story with her descriptive way of expressing anything, whether it was the way shadows appeared or a given character's emotion. The storyline was intricate enough to keep me engaged and curious, yet streamlined enough for even this short-attention spanned reader to follow.
Looking forward to reading more by Cara. Might have to branch out of my comfort-genre more often!

Immensely gripping - indeed, one book that is difficult to put down (Anita Lock, December 2015)

Detective Olivia St. George is assigned to the case of a possible homicide. A young woman, with no apparent background, the most outstanding pieces of evidence on Anna Taylor, aside of gruesome details, are a mysterious Latin verse tattoo and a cross necklace with a bible verse inscribed on it. Olivia learns that demon possession plays an important role in Anna’s death, and in more ways than she thinks. Olivia experiences bizarre nightmares that get out of hand, to say the least. Yet, her terrifying dreams, amid the investigation, lead not only to the truth about Anna, but also Olivia’s unsettling past.  Read More...

The Long Journey

Creative and Disturbing (Frank Adams, April 2014)

I just finished reading this author's latest book. I enjoyed it very much. The story certainly held my interest and is very creative and imaginative. However, the depiction of the causes of "The End" are very worrisome in how accurate they are. If anything, the situation in reality is worse in some regards. I wish the whole general public would read this book and consider current events and facts!

 I do love me some dystopian literature, and this was a great one to pick up (D.S. Atkinson, March 2015)

I do love me some dystopian literature, and this one was a great one to pick up. Good characters, a richly imagined world, action, and emotional current running throughout. Whether you agree with the political message or not, I think you'll still have a good time reading that fiction. It's well done.

Blood Cult

Blood Cult Review (C. Vaca. December 2007)

Excellent read! It's a story full of twists and imagination. The well rounded characters and their magical specialties made each character whether it was elves, dwarves, humans, or vampires, come to life. It was such a page turner! I definitely recommend this book, even if it's not the type of story that you normally get into--it will surprise you. It has something for everyone, mystery, horror, romance, action, and adventure. I can't wait 'till the second one comes out!

Excellent Novel (Amanda Wholly, February 2008)

This is a wonderful novel, a very easy read. It is not a typical fantasy book, there are many interesting twists which kept me turning pages. Very hard to put down, I am ready to read book II.

A Writer's Guide to Self-Publishing

Have an expert on your team (Brian Ratty, May 2012)

Writing a book can be a painstaking project full of speed-bumps and pit-falls. Just the basic procedures of working with editors, publishers, designers and printers can be an overwhelming experience. What you need is an expert on your team, and that's what you get with Cara Swanson's new manual Hey I Wrote a Book! She knows the publishing world and her new book A Writer's Guide to Self-Publishing is filled with creative, comprehensive and concise information that every author should know before publication. This new manual touches on all aspects of self publishing from eBook, to printing, from selecting publishers and editors to marketing and budgets. If you have a manuscript in hand or in your head, don't miss Hey I Wrote a Book! Its like having an expert by your side.

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