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Sometimes you have an idea...a little idea...and you just gotta get it on paper. Stuff I put here will change now and then, so check back for new stories!

Outbase Charlie

Written 08 January 2021


A quick read. A humorous look at early Mars exploration and the use of the Space Force. Warning: if you are offended by references to human anatomy, you probably shouldn't read this. 

Kindle Shorts

When I have a short story that stands alone, I like to turn it into a Kindle Short. 

Sometimes the stories are stand-alone; sometimes they rejoin favorite characters from my other novels.

The Winter Between


This tale fills in the exciting events that occurred between the last chapter and the Epilogue of The Long Journey. Travel with Kadija and Ula as they make their way across the winter mountains far west of the Highlands, encountering quite a few surprises along the way. Illustrations are pending!

Dear Mr. Nowhere



Originally available only at the 2016 Atlanta Walker Stalker Convention, this short graphic novel is finally available to all readers! Join The Man as he fights for survival in a world filled with flesh-eating zombies. Thinking he is the last survivor, he encounters The Girl and has to make a terrible choice. Not your typical zombie story!

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